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In a world increasingly dominated by the omnipresence of new computer technologies, several companies are working to make them accessible to as many people as possible.

Introducing Inomad

In this flourishing landscape of IT providers, Inomad stands out. Inomad is an IT company that offers its customers solutions that meet their needs in terms of: website creation, software development, web and mobile application development, big data, data management, IT system, etc. It is a French-speaking Swiss company based in Geneva and Lausanne, which places it as an international leader in this market. Switzerland was indeed elected, for the ninth time in a row, the most innovative country in the world by the World Intellectual Property Organization. This confirms a little more its reputation due to the strong capacity to innovate, of its large companies, but also of its many SMEs.

Such a context thus gives the assurance that Inomad is a company that will continue to provide its customers quality products and services, in order to maintain its leading position against other companies operating in the field. These are the advantages of evolving in an environment offering healthy and positive competition like Switzerland.

Apart from the Swiss professional context imposing standards on companies in terms of performance as well as the uninterrupted improvement of their products and services in order to remain in this competitive universe, the Inomad Company also enjoys a noble authorship.

Inomad authorship

Indeed, the IT company lnomad was created by engineers from the Polytechnic School of Lausanne benefit from several years of experience in the largest Swiss companies. The reputation of engineers from the Polytechnic School of Lausanne is based on the laudatory quality of the training provided there. This prestigious school is indeed among the best universities in the world, as it contributes largely extent to the technological, scientific and social advancements observable on the world stage. It is not outdone locally either. The Polytechnique School of Lausanne is particularly distinguished by its ability to be a source of proposals in the world of worldwide universities, but also and above all in Switzerland.

Such skills would be useless if they were not used to deploy concrete solutions for the benefit of the population.

Achievements already to his credit

It is in this context that Inomad has developed several computer software programs that are currently used by several hospitals and research laboratories around the world. This is due to the fact that the Polytechnic School of Lausanne strongly encourages entrepreneurship and inventiveness among its alumni. As proof, let's take a look at the epideictic figures achieved by this renowned university. The Polytechnic School of Lausanne is: 23 startups created in 2019 in various essential sectors, 148 technology announcements made or 97 priority patents filed. Such annual records are indeed possible thanks to the proactivity of the elements from this school.

Apart from the achievements of various IT projects carried out by Inomad, it is also necessary to note the quality of the follow-up that it implements to ensure the best possible returns.

Quality monitoring of your projects

Nothing beats a job well done, they say. Moreover, to achieve the excellent results that characterize this IT company, expert in website creation and software development, rigorous project monitoring is the key word. With seasoned engineers at the helm, working alongside experts in various fields essential to the life of a company, Inomad makes it a point of honour to ensure that the various projects entrusted to it are carried out in an extremely meticulous manner and according to a well-defined protocol.

Inomad also offers its customer’s proactive advice to successfully complete the various missions and ensure the maintenance of the good results obtained. Informing, advising and supporting its customers throughout the project execution is an essential task for the success of a good lasting collaboration between Inomad and its customers. This also includes a conscientiously conducted audit, the analysis of the IS (Information Systems) as well as the quality of the support material available to the customer in order to offer him solutions adapted to his needs while respecting the specifications.

In order to achieve such a level of excellence, a fully competent and dedicated team is required. If you have talented people on your team, but you can't get them to collaborate effectively or get the best out of them, your business is doomed to failure. Management skills thus takes on its full meaning.

Management skills

In our context, management skills is an English term referring to talent management within a company. Inomad uses this skill to ensure that all of its employees work in an optimal environment. In this way, they produce the best possible returns. Inomad favors within its various teams, a climate conducive to inventiveness, mutual respect but also self-transcendence in order to offer the best to its customers.