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Today, it is no secret that the success of a company is largely dependent on its presence on the Internet. Indeed, there are more than 4 billion Internet users worldwide, including 58 million French people. Faced with this significant figure, companies, concerned about their performance, have an interest in creating and developing their presence by setting up a website. For the creation of it, it is recommended to contact professionals in the field. By using a CMS (Content Management System), these experts will offer you a quality, efficient and tailor-made website. Discover in the rest of this article the different CMS used for website design.

What are the CMS used for website design?

Nowadays, the creation of a website has become easy thanks to the panoply of Content Management System available. The CMS brings together a set of technologies to ensure the creation, management and dynamic updating of websites. Thanks to these different technologies, you can get any types of websites you want.


Wordpress is the best-known and most widely used Open Source CMS on the market. Originally, it was designed as a blogging system. Over time, it has developed enormously to become almost essential today. With this CMS, you can design a showcase site, an online sales site, a blog, an online store, an institutional site and many others. Its advantage is that it is free, but also very easy to use. In addition, the Wordpress is customizable according to your tastes thanks to multiple themes, widgets and plugins. In addition, this CMS has a large community that will help you to better understand certain concepts and provide you with clarifications. However, WordPress has negative points recognized by several users. Indeed, the sites created by this CMS present a certain slowness of loading. Moreover, for the customization a site created with this CMS, it is necessary to have several extensions. Among the latter, some do not work efficiently, while others are very difficult to install, which prevents obtaining a tailor-made website.


Launched in 2006, Wix is a CMS that has gained popularity over the years due to its multiple qualities. This technology would have to its credit more than 110 million sites. It differs from its competitors by the multitude of templates it offers to allow you to best customize your website. In addition, this CMS offers a free service allowing entrepreneurs with a limited budget to afford their website. Despite its many advantages, Wix has some disadvantages. Indeed, the free version offered will not allow you to customize your domain name. Moreover, the free accounts do not have a reactive and dynamic support.


Prestashop is an Open Source CMS created in 2007 and which specializes in the creation of online sales sites. The first advantage of this software is that it is perfectly optimized for natural referencing. In addition, this CMS includes a responsive design version that allows your online shop to be viewed on smartphones and tablets. It also offers a wide range of features for excellent management of your e-commerce site. Moreover, this CMS has a large and very active community that will be able to answer your various concerns.


Drupal is a free and open source CMS software that is also very popular on the market. Its particularity is that it offers settings to effectively manage the users of your website. In addition, it provides multiple community features such as forums and blogs. Moreover, according to several users, this CMS is much more secure than WordPress.


Jumla is for many the second best known CMS with more than 2 million installations worldwide. Easy to use, it can be handled by both beginners and experienced people. By installing it, you already have several features unlike WordPress. In addition, it is highly appreciated for its ease in content management. Moreover, this CMS offers multiple very refined themes for the customization of your Website.

How to set up an effective website?

In order to enjoy a quality website, the best tip is to entrust its design to a professional in the sector such as Inomad. The latter is staffed with experts who will design you a customized website, ultra-fast and without any waste in the code. Due to its quality, this Website will allow you to obtain a better positioning in the search engines, which will increase your traffic. For the development of your website, the experts of the Inomad company use web technologies such as CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP, ecmascript. Apart from websites, Inomad also offers web application design services. For the development of these, these experts will use modern frameworks such as react js, redux, nodejs, laravel, angular js, vuejs. Thus, by trusting the company Inomad, you are sure to have a tailor-made, modern and efficient website or web application.

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